Hi, My Name is Ian

Real Change Starts with Empathy Being Incorporated in Business.

A Degree in Entrepreneurship...

Throughout my university career pursuing a degree in entrepreneurship, my goal was to learn to develop businesses responsibly and add to my expertise in brand development.

University allowed me to set my sights on problems much larger than design. I want to make marketing less transaction-based and focused on building relationships. Relationships allow small marketing campaigns to result in big rewards.

From Identity Design to Brand Coaching...

For 4 years, I helped entrepreneurs and small businesses create brand identity systems and identity animations while in high school. But my education allowed me to see that entrepreneurs struggle to connect with their people.

I wanted to help entrepreneurs connect with their stakeholders through movement marketing and brand development. The challenges of our world can't be solved without the support of a community. That's where I come in.

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My Purpose, Vision & Mission


My purpose is to empower social entrepreneurs to understand and communicate their narrative, so they can generate an impact with those who matter to them. This is WHY I do what I do.

I strive to stay true to and incorporate this purpose in everything I say, do, and act upon.


My vision encompasses my core guiding principles that allow me to take action on my purpose every day. In simpler terms, this is HOW I do what I do.

The guiding principles are:

  • Empathy: Strive to always understand the other person.
  • Compassion: Be kind no matter what.
  • Connection: Build meaningful connections that will develop into a strong community.


My current mission is to help beginning side hustlers discover their own purpose, vision, mission, and story by running one-on-one and group workshops. I want to help them package these elements into a brand strategy.

By helping them discover these elements, I hope to help them connect and make an impact with their audience and empower them into customers!

Take the First Step: Build a Social Profile

Want to create a memorable social profile that generates leads for your online business? This is the first step to your side hustler marketing journey. It's easy, and I will be here to help you!